Sunday, March 16, 2008

you may already know this, but...

... Marcel Hanoun has made several of his films available for online viewing:

Despite the lack of subtitles and the compromised screen size, I'd recommend giving these films and videos some time. Included among the 15 films is his most recent work, Insaisissable Image (2007), a video diary shot using his mobile phone camera, along with such older masterworks like La Vérité sur l'imaginaire passion d'un inconnu (1974, with Bresson discoveries Anne Wiazemsky and Isabelle Weingarten, and Hanoun-favourite Michel Lonsdale), The Authentic Trial of Carl-Emmanuel Jung (1966), and Otage (1989), among others.

ADDENDUM: Just noticed Nicole Brenez's translated column in the latest (e-)Cahiers du Cinema, A Class War (pp. 46-47), which discusses this event and gives us a brief translation of Hanoun's manifesto from his website:

"With poor and derisory resources, with the help and goodwill of those who have worked with me, I have been able to make my films. I have stolen them, torn them from a place in the shadows rarely offered to the Public, forbidden. My films have been removed from the propaganda of a certain critical intelligentsia - conventional, servile, lacking creativity and a spirit of discovery, surviving solely via association with a single commercial prospective. Today I offer up my own accomplished creations to the creative side, the conscious side, for the awakening of each of us, for the one found perpetually locked inside an anonymous entity, depersonalized, reduced to a global mass, the Public. I offer up individually, to whomever so desires them, my stolen films."

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