Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vaude and links

The image above is from Johanna Vaude's De l'amort, which I recently saw along with her Exploration (both from 2006), two very fascinating - and explosively beautiful - exploratory short films where the technical hybridisation of painting, Super-8 film, and video, seems to contain a symbiotic coexistence of abstract and narrative sensibilities, perhaps the driving force behind the universe of Vaude's images. The great French critic Raphaël Bassan has written that one needs to watch her earlier piece L'Oeil sauvage to understand her approach and I intend to attempt to do that as soon as I can. More later...

* * *

Links of the day: (1.) Over at Quintín's and Flavia's La Lectora Provisoria, Roger Alan Koza interviews Jonathan Rosenbaum, on global cinephilia and the cinematic canon. In Spanish, so use your favourite web-translator - it's well worth it, and (2.) 'From black box to white cube' - a roundtable discussion on 'cinema' in the museum, with Pedro Costa, Catherine David, and moderated by Chris Dercon: "Cinema is not about the artist. It’s about being in the world, our world, choosing a place and figuring out elements of time and space and limits that are common to all of us. I believe that, if cinema goes beyond its realistic borders, it loses all of its powers. Look at Chaplin: it is not about him, it’s about us, from crossing a street to fighting a dictator" - Costa (via new filmkritik).

And I have finally added some links further down the page to other sites - mostly cinema-related (for now) blogs - that I frequent. This will remain a work in progress.


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