Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Free Thai Cinema!

The film “Sang Satawat” (“Syndromes and a Century”), recently submitted to the Censorship Board, was not approved for release in Thailand unless cuts are made. The Board would permit the release on the condition that four cuts were excised. As a result, director Apichatpong Weerasethakul decided to cancel commercial release of the film in Thailand and stood firm that these cuts not be made. He has issued a statement:

“I, a filmmaker, treat my works as my own sons or my daughters. When I conceived them, they have their own lives to live. I don't mind if people are fond of them, or despise them, as long as I created them with my best intentions and efforts. If these offspring of mine cannot live in their own country for whatever reasons, let them be free. Since there are other places that warmly welcome them as who they are, there is no reason to mutilate them from the fear of the system, or from greed. Otherwise there is no reason for one to continue making art.”
If you haven't already signed the petition that demands that changes be made to archaic legislations that mutilate films as this, you can do so here.

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