Thursday, December 07, 2006

night fever

Images: Nude vampires and stony stairs in Lips of Blood (Jean Rollin, 1975).

I'm glad I persisted with Rollin's cinema after a frustrating initial encounter with The Living Dead Girl (1982). From what I've seen so far (which isn't much despite several of his films being available on DVD), his body of work can appear fairly uneven but his films always seem to be coming from another level of consciousness altogether. The somnambulist style of acting that is displayed by his amateur performers (many of whom were hardcore porn actors) is a more specific kind of performance rather than mere 'bad acting' and, when at his best, the leisurely unfolding of his elegant, expressionist images set in medieval Gothic castles and cemeteries, take on the form of sustained spectacles of violence, revised myths, the naked and the nude, while actively pursuing enduring obsessions such as memory, childhood romanticism, and performance. Are any readers admirers of his work?

A couple of links: Rollin interviewed, more from Kinoeye.

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Sounds: Tenhi - Maaäet, Ash Ra Temple - Le Berceau De Cristal (the soundtrack to the Garrel film from '76), Yo La Tengo - I'm Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass, Fela Kuti & Africa '70 - Expensive Shit / He Miss Road.


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