Sunday, October 15, 2006

Directors' Lounge tv

Some really interesting experimental short films and videos from Director's Lounge, an annual media event in Berlin, can be viewed online. I haven't seen them all yet, but some that I like the most so far are linked to below:

Courror Station (Klaus W. Eisenlohr, 1997)
Still Life (Marina Foxley/Laurent Couedel, 2006)
Untitled #1 (Masha Godovannaya, 2005)
Not This War (Dan Hupb, 2005)
Self (Tanja Puustelli, 2005)
Solo für Ramallah (Andreas Rost, 2005)
Le lit des amant (Elina Saloranta, 2004)
Ukiyo-e (André Werner, 1995)
Pearls of the Morning Dawn (André Werner, 1993)

Check out the others from the complete list of films here.


Blogger Zach Campbell said...

Thanks for providing these links--I checked out the Werner and Godovannaya films so far, which were interesting (though I suspect Untitled #1 would play better by my estimation if the sound were turned off).

Did you see Werner's Mannaka No Ie / House in the Middle? That one was quite something.

3:04 PM  
Blogger Ouyang Feng said...


(also I may not comment much at the moment, but your latest posts were interesting to read and well presented)

10:58 PM  

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