Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I know updates haven't been coming lately, but I'd been out of town for a few days (does this excuse still work?!). Anyway, the following is all I saw over the past week. The Doris Wishman film, Let Me Die A Woman, is surprisingly humourless and visually uninteresting. The stylistic eccentricities (i.e. the meandering camera, the playful use of sped-up film/slow-motion effects, etc. that was seen in her two Chesty Morgan vehicles - the only other Wishmans I've seen so far) give way to an unapologetically exploitative pseudo-documentary on the events surrounding various sex-change operations. The wild mix of melodrama, documentary and pseudo-documentary footage (at times seeming to channel Toshio Matsumoto's Funeral Procession of Roses, while mostly directly recalling Glen Or Glenda?), along with the gratuitous insertions of softcore porn and uncut surgical footage of an actual sex-change operation (not to mention, post-op probing examinations, surely one of the most repulsive and unforgettable things ever put on film!) makes for an uneasy viewing. A film of the camera-as-dildo variety, if there ever was one.

(Oh, and don't be fooled by that terrible poster for Michael Almereyda's Trance (aka The Eternal). It's actually an interesting little film, which shares a few more elements with New Rose Hotel than just the disappearing Christopher Walken. More on these films later, perhaps.)


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