Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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I had barely caught up with the latest issues of Rouge and Bright Lights, and now Senses of Cinema have unleashed their latest edition, and this is of course their mammoth World Poll issue. I was most happy to see a couple of lists mention Gustav Deutsch's beautiful, Welt Spiegel Kino, and Adrian Danks' list puts this film at the top with the following spot-on comments:

"In many ways, this was the most profound new film I saw in 2005. It was certainly the film that had the most to teach and show me about film history. Proceeding, somewhat fancifully, from three street scenes outside of cinemas in Vienna, Surabaya and Porto, respectively, at three different points in time between 1912 and 1930, the film provides an extraordinarily novel approach to the fragmentary nature that defines the remnants and common experience of early cinema. Rather than insisting upon the melancholy singularity of individual films, or the wreckage of fragments of decaying footage that dominates early cinema’s legacy, World Mirror Cinema stiches together early film history and its artefacts as a massive force of historical continuity, a web of pictorial and social connections. In Deutsch’s great, but gently dissolving montage of early cinema footage he points towards both our connection to, rather than separation from, the past and the possibilities offered by actually looking at the images of the past as images rather than just images of things and events. One can perhaps now only dream of a cinema – like that in Surabaya, Java, now Indonesia – that would show Fritz Lang’s Die Nibelungen (1924) and Tod Browning’s The Unholy Three (1925) side-by-side."

Also - I wish I could devour these lists: Paolo Bertolin, Olaf Möller, Darragh O'Donoghue, and Jit Phokaew.


Blogger Zach Campbell said...

My sentiments exactly. (There are some more good lists in there: Reynaud, off the top of my head.) I wish I could see Welt Spiegel Kino!

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