Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"my feels like an alligator"

Recent viewings:

Chronicle of a Love (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1950) ***
Hardware (Richard Stanley, 1990) **
The Flowers of St. Francis (Roberto Rossellini) ***½
Curse of the Demon (Jacques Tourneur, 1957) ***
They Were Expendable (John Ford, 1945) ***
Forty Guns (Samuel Fuller, 1957) ***
King Kong (Peter Jackson, 2005) **
Glen Or Glenda (Edward D. Wood Jr, 1953) ***
Twister (Michael Almereyda, 1990) **
Culloden (Peter Watkins, 1964) ***
The Forgotten Faces (Peter Watkins, 1961) ***


Blogger Mubarak Ali said...

Took a break from film and 'the internet' for a couple of days and am just coming in to say how much I'm enjoying Ouyang Feng's reviews and ruminations on Asian cinema. Wish I could see these films!

Right now I'm listening to 'LateNightTales', the Four Tet version. Mostly yummy.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Ouyang Feng said...

hey thanks! :)
I guess Asian cinema is getting me deeper and deeper! So much to see and so little time!
I really appreciate the diversity on your viewings.
I was randomly looking on your blog and noticed that you have seen some Darezhan Omirbaev!

1:01 AM  
Blogger Mubarak Ali said...

Omirbaev rules! And I've seen only the two by him. Kairat is one of those films which defy pointless rating exercises like mine.

9:02 AM  
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Anonymous viagra online said...

Oh god Twister (Michael Almereyda, 1990) was incredible bad, there's no doubt about it! are you a professional critic?

3:52 PM  

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